Javier Milei seems not to have much interest in de-escalating the diplomatic clash with Spain. In recent hours, the Argentine president has starred in a extravagant recital in the emblematic Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires, where his followers have cheered the Spanish president with insults, shouting “Sánchez, compadre, your mother’s shell”.

Some proclamations before which Milei was ironiclaughing, about his Foreign Minister “is going to ask for overtime”in full diplomatic clash with the Spanish Executive as a result of their attacks against Sánchez and his wife, Begoña Gómez, at the Vox event in Madrid last weekend. Diplomatic crisis that the ultra leader has only deepened in recent days, until leading the Spanish Executive to definitively withdraw its ambassador in Argentina.

Those songs, however, were not the only mention of Spain during the delirious event, in which Milei also boasted about the role of women in his Executive, although there are only three in his cabinet. “In Spain they called me a misogynistbut when you look at the composition in percentage terms of women’s participation, our Government has more than 30%,” she claimed.

“Deep down I’m a jerk”he added, in line with his usual sexist pearlsin an unclassifiable political act in which he has also uttered new anti-abortion proclamations, calling abortion a “murderous agenda” and comparing it to the “massacre of Jews” by the ancient Egyptians. In passing, he referred to the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini as “a gentleman of the left” and blamed the “damned State” and “socialist do-goodism” for global misery.

A ‘show’ to present his book ‘Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap’ that Milei started dressed in a leather trench coat and accompanied by a rock band made up of some of its closest collaborators to sing your unofficial anthem‘Panic Show’.

He did so in front of thousands of his followers, who also chanted against the former Argentine president Cristina Fernández. “Cristina is already in prison”the militancy has shouted, to which Milei responded that “I would accompany them singing, but it would violate the independence of powers.”

From the stadium, where a man dressed as Zorro has even attended in reference to the tensions with Spain, the ultra leader has stated that he is willing to continue fighting for the world, criticizing “damned socialism”, and has called his militants to join him. “If we don’t get into the mud, the lefties will carry us”has warned.