Firm bet from the beginning for these 2024 european elections, Galan Star has had the consensus of all the organizations to choose it as top of Sumar list Facing the next June 9. On her personal Instagram profile she defines herself as a “defender of Human Rights. Committed to people, shelter and migration. candidate for @sumar_oficial to the European Elections.

His extensive experience participating in the fight for Defense of human rights places her as an ideal profile to lead a campaign that seeks to promote a greener and more supportive Europe, a “welcoming” Europe as she herself has repeated on rare occasions for different media. In an interview for the newspaper Público, she confessed that she has a clear mission for her role in the European Parliament: bring the needs of citizens to Parliament and stop the advance of the extreme right. Thus, it marks the route towards a “Europe of rights” especially focused on the rights of migrants.

Who is Estrella Galan? Your professional career

A few weeks ago, Estrella Galán shared a video of her last day as general director of the Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance (CEAR)where he had been working 25 years for human rights and for refugees.

Sumar’s candidate for the European elections graduated in Social and cultural anthropology at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he later obtained the title of Diploma in Social Work. At the Autonomous University of Madrid he completed the master in Migrations and Intercommunity Relations. Thus she began her journey in the Third Sector as an expert in Human Rights, migration, asylum and refuge where she already adds more than 30 years.

An expert in Co-development, Family Therapy and in the Management of Social Organizations, she has also been part of various platforms directly related to her professional functions, such as the State Coordinator of NGOs for Development, the Forum and Social Integration of Immigrants, the Platform and Organizations of Social Action and EAPN-Spain, among others. She is also the general secretary of the Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance at Fundación Alternativas.

His relationship with the European Parliament does not begin in 2024, previously he has also participated as a speaker in various congresses and meetings of European institutions such as the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament. In his professional career he has also appeared in various media, as he did with Jordi Évole in ‘Salvados’ to talk about immigration, but he has also written various articles and opinion columns, studies, reports and publications that have served as a voice for the causes he defends.

Her most personal side: this is how she was when she was little

His social networks are currently focused on his professional work, almost entirely. Looking back, before jumping directly into politics, we see that Estrella has an especially emotional side. As seen in the countless publications of an activist nature, always based on feeling and closeness to the people affected, Estrella becomes emotional on special dates.

So, we can know what she was like when she was little. In 2021 she shared a black and white photograph on the occasion of his 50th birthday. Next to it, a text that says: “Today I change the prefix, one more decade, (half a century) and I feel like the girl in the photo, with infinite concerns, a feeling of ‘I only know that I know nothing’, and desire to continue discovering what life puts before us every day. Thank you for taking that path with me, because without you life would have been less magical.”

Eternal traveler, migrant out of solidarity

Their social networks are loaded with photographs of the world from your own lensgreetings from NYanother from Lisbonsuddenly Beirut, Jordan, Lebanon… The refugee camps flood your publications. “Today working in the Azraq refugee camp. 40,000 Syrians have lived there since 2014 and with no plans to return to their land in the short term,” reads a text on his Instagram profile:

Recently its activity has focused on Spain, in provide support to those people at risk of social exclusion welcomed in our country, especially from CEAR. Especially committed to the palestinian peopleYolanda Díaz’s party partner confirmed on her social networks her boycott Eurovision to support Israel as a participating country. Furthermore, in one of his last pre-campaign events in Jerez, he waved the Palestinian flag while hugging the leader of his party. Galán shared the image on his social networks accompanied by a message with a view to the 2024 European elections: “On 9J we are going to stand up and defend the Europe we deserve: the one who builds bridges, breaks down barriers and defends the rights of humanity.”

Among the interviews she has given to open her mouth for next June 9, she remains firm in her mission if she wins and positions herself as a European parliamentarian. Thus, she highlights these key points and advances the electoral program:

  • Maintain state recognition of Palestine and break ties and agreements with Israel.
  • Stand up to the extreme right that is advancing in Europe.
  • Set the course for a green and progressive Europe.
  • Bring the reduction of working hours to Brussels.
  • Creation of a permanent European fund.
  • Review free trade agreements.

He will speak about these points and the future that awaits Europe along with the rest of the candidates at the meeting that will take place next Thursday, May 23, at 12:00 p.m., in ‘EU Generation: your future and that of Europe’ in charge of the sixthwhich can be followed live through Youtube, x, Facebook and the website of