The insecurity in Gaza is so serious that the UNRWA has just announced that it is suspending the entry of food into Rafah. The brutal pressure of the Israeli army is combined with the hatred of Israeli citizens obsessed with stopping the entry of trucks.

In a video you can see a man stuck to the front of the truck and although the driver continues forward he is saved. What Gaza is experiencing is extremely difficult, and what is coming because the Israeli Minister of National Security, Ben Gvir, has stated that there will be a total war in Rafah until all the Palestinians are expelled.

Furthermore, he adds that he would be delighted to live in Gaza: “I would be very happy to live in Gaza”.

“As a result of the ongoing military operation in eastern Rafah, the UNRWA distribution center and the World Food Programme’s warehouse, both in Rafá, are now inaccessible“UNRWA said in a statement.

The agency has explained that Israel’s current military operation in Rafah affects “directly” to the capacity of humanitarian agencies to provide aid to the population. According to UNRWA, between May 13 and 19, only 48 trucks entered the enclave.

Specifically, this affects the stock of medicines, mainly antibiotics and antiepileptic drugs. In addition, the UN agency has reported that certain laboratory, dental and vaccine supplies are out of stock.