The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has asked Pedro Sánchez a campaign of proposals and program before the European elections of June 9, and “not montages.” In fact, in the midst of the clash with the Argentine president, Javier Mileihas urged him not to endanger Spanish investments in Argentina.

We intend to serve our country and not use it. We intend for our companies to continue exporting to the rest of Europe and the world, and not put in danger that the second investor, which is Spain, in Argentina, will have a deep institutional and diplomatic crisis,” Feijóo assured in the presentation of the conference. its candidate for the European elections, Dolors Monteserrat, organized by the newspaper La Razón.

The head of the opposition has indicated that the PP will outline its electoral program in its events because they intend it to be “a debate of ideas, content, programs, and not montages“And the institutional tension, the social tension and the economic tension to which the Government is subjecting us by creating montages every 15 days is the most irresponsible thing we have seen in recent decades in Spanish democracy,” he emphasized.

Feijóo has said that while “others” make policies “from selfishness”, the Popular Party has one objective: “build teams”, “win elections”have more regional presidents and mayors and “be a majority” in Parliament.

Furthermore, it has valued Dolors Montserrat’s careerwho, as he has said, is called to be “the voice of constitutional Spain in Europe, in the face of a Government that has abandoned the constitutional values ​​and the founding values ​​of the European Union.”

“Today Sánchez’s Socialist Party has embraced the parties furthest from the spirit of harmony that founded the European Union. They are the parties to which they have given the keys to our country to weaken it from within,” he said, adding which are the parties with which he aspires “to understand each other in Catalonia in a new deception of the citizens”.

In fact, he said that Sánchez “is only waiting for the European elections to pass to deceive the Spanish people again.” “The independentists are going to continue ruling in Spain,” he warned, asking to concentrate the vote on the PP in the European elections. “to bring Spain closer to the political change it needs.”