While The Taliban entered Kabul armed in 2021, thousands of people were desperately fleeing the country to the point of hanging themselves from moving planes. They foresaw with their arrival what has ended up being, a state in which all rights have been lost.

All to avoid the violent repression they have exercised since day one in power. And after two years in command of Afghanistan, rights have disappeared with women as the main affected.

According to Amnesty International, there have been a total of 1,600 cases of torture and abuse in the last two years, with a total of 57% of women feeling unsafe in the country.

From 10 years old, women cannot access education. And when they do, they risk being attacked. This Friday, 79 girls have been poisoned in a school.

They cannot even leave the house and are prohibited from working. Since the arrival of the Taliban, 4,500 women have been laid off and 60,000 women-owned businesses have had to close.

And if they disobey, harsh punishmentIt’s a change in images that are seen daily. A harsh repression of the population that seems to have no end.