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They will build four “temporary cities” for people displaced by floods in Brazil

They will build four “temporary cities” for people displaced by floods in Brazil

The governor of Río Grande del Sur, Eduardo Leite, announced this Friday the reconstruction plan for that brazilian statewhich includes the construction of four “temporary cities” to receive the thousands of people displaced by the floods that have seriously affected the south of the country.

The “temporary cities” They will be built in sports and cultural complexes in the cities of Porto Alegre, Canoas, São Leopoldo and Guaíba, which will be adapted to accommodate people for a longer period of time.

The governor’s team described that these shelters, which will be built in the coming weeks, will have kitchens, laundries, television and play spaces for children.

In the case of the city of Canoas, where a provisional project has already been carried out, it is estimated that around 1,000 people could be welcomed at a cost of 13 million reais (about US$ 2.5 million), which includes the assembly and maintenance of infrastructure for six months.

As the governor explained, the current priority is to improve the conditions of the reception centers, which, improvised in schools and sports centers, “they deserve to be dignified.”

The figures provided by the authorities indicate that more than 78,000 people are housed in around 875 centers distributed in more than 100 cities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The regional government estimates that, within a month, the number of people who continue to need shelter will be around 10,000 and that many of them will be forced to stay longer in the shelters, which will have between 3,000 and 30,000 square meters. .

Leite also announced the future construction of 5,500 homes that will permanently house people who have lost their homes in the floods.

These measures are part of the so-called Río Grande Plan, which outlines the region’s reconstruction strategy after the climate tragedy that has left at least 155 dead and damages that exceed 18,839 million reais (about US$ 3,680 million or 3,390 million of euros).

The governor also announced the creation of a Reconstruction Secretariat, which must be in charge of raising the capital necessary to carry out the plan.

In addition to the first emergency care for those affected, the plan contemplates the reconstruction phase of infrastructure and basic services, as well as the development of a new economic plan for the future of the state.

The Government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has also announced the creation of an extraordinary ministry to coordinate the reconstruction of the region and has approved various million-dollar aid packages, including direct subsidies, loans at advantageous rates and debt forgiveness.

Likewise, several international financial organizations have offered credits totaling about US$4 billion to support the recovery of Rio Grande do Sul.

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