Already 76 years have passed since the first exodus known as Nakba. Now history is repeating itself for the Palestinians. This year, the anniversary comes at the worst time for Gazans. A tragedy in which 35,000 people have already died.

It was in 1948 when 700,000 Palestinians fled their lands with their suitcases in tow after the creation of the State of Israel. A mass exodus, known as Nakba, which occurred at the same time as brutal repression. Then, he completely changed the map of the Palestinian territories, in favor of the state of Israel.

Many of them and their descendants, About six million people have lived to date in 58 refugee camps.. Some, expelled to Lebanon, like Amna, who experienced it firsthand and recognizes that he will never forget it.

Many others They were exiled to Syria, Jordan or the West Bank. They say that they were told to leave for a month and then return, but that was not the case. Nor for those who were trapped in the Gaza Strip, like Um Shadi, who says that in 1967 she was a girl and it was very difficult “

Like these people, the majority of Gazans have been forced to flee again in the face of continued Israeli bombing. Amnesty International has recalled that on this anniversary the fate of the Palestinians is more dangerous than ever. An indefinite exodus that condemns them to an eternal Nakba.