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Musk will donate 1,000 satellite internet terminals to Brazil due to flooding

Musk will donate 1,000 satellite internet terminals to Brazil due to flooding

Elon Musk announced this Thursday that, in response to the “terrible floods” in Brazilwill donate 1,000 internet satellite communication terminals to emergency services in that country through its Starlink satellite network.

I hope the best for Brazilians“, he pointed Musk on social networkGiven the terrible flooding in Rio Grande do Sul, Starlink will donate 1,000 terminals to emergency services.”

In addition to donating the equipment, the company will provide free use of all terminals in the region until flood recovery is complete.

Starlink is a constellation of more than 6,000 small satellites operated by Starlink Servicesa subsidiary of the SpaceX firm that provides communications coverage in more than 75 countries.

The storms and rains that began in Brazil a few weeks ago have left at least a hundred dead and 1.5 million homeless, many of whom are waiting to be removed from the most affected areas in southern Brazil.

According to authorities, there are 129 missing and 372 injured in the state of Río Grande do Sul, where 80% of the municipalities are totally or partially under water and some 230,500 people have had to leave their homes.

Thousands of homes and infrastructure, such as bridges or roads, were also destroyed, and the Porto Alegre airport has become an immense lagoon, which has forced it to completely interrupt its operations until the end of this month.

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