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Press freedom “is fundamental” for democracy, say the EU and the UN

Press freedom “is fundamental” for democracy, say the EU and the UN

Press freedom “it is a fundamental right” for democracy and the rule of law in Honduras, one of the most dangerous countries for journalists which totals a hundred people linked to the press media murdered since 2001, indicated this Friday the European Union (EU) and United Nations.

“Freedom of the press is a fundamental right for democratic coexistence, sharing an inclusive democracy and guaranteeing that people have free access to truthful and diverse information,” EU ambassador Jaume Segura told EFE at the opening of a discussion on press freedom.

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, Segura highlighted the need to reflect on the situation experienced by journalists in Honduras, considered one of the countries “more dangerous” to practice journalism.

Segura expressed his concern about attacks on the press in Honduras, where a hundred people linked to the media, including journalists, social communicators and owners, have died violently since 2001, according to figures from the Human Rights Commissioner.

“Any of us can exercise today the journalism“, freedom of information through social networks, everyone has an opinion, everyone informs and many times without rigor and sometimes also using attacks, defamation and misinformation,” he emphasized.

For this reason, the European diplomat asked the State of Honduras to “ensure safety” to journalists in front of “attacks and even murders.”

The European diplomat affirmed that the right to freedom of the press is threatened in “a world with so much hyperinflation of information”, so journalists face “enormous difficulties” to carry out their work, since they have “pressure not only from institutions, but also from large groups and individuals.”

“It is very important for democratic coexistence that there is freedom of expression and that there is diversity in the media and, to this end, it is essential to guarantee security and an environment where informants can inform freely and citizens can have access to information.” true information”, he added.

UN concerned by high rates of misinformation

The UN resident coordinator in Honduras, Alice Shackelford, told EFE that she is concerned about the high level of misinformation and hate campaigns in the country ahead of the new electoral process in 2025.

“There is also a very low level of respect for different positions within the country, we are also concerned about the high rates of misinformation in the country, especially now that we are approaching a new electoral process, but also the whole issue of the campaign of hate, of attacks”Shackelford stressed.

He also said that it is necessary “claim” the importance of freedom of the press, because “without freedom of the press there is no freedom”, and advocated that freedom of the press be “free” and “not limited, not criticized or attacked.”

Shackelford agreed with Segura, emphasizing that freedom of the press “It is critical for democracy, the rule of law” and expressed concern about ““politicization” and misinformation, which often ends in “hate attacks”.

He urged Honduras to improve the protection mechanism for journalists, created in 2015 in a country where violence against communicators does not stop.

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