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Gas distributors in Argentina will invest US$ 83 million in 2024

Gas distributors in Argentina will invest US$ 83 million in 2024

Natural gas distribution companies that operate in Argentina They plan to invest 74,110 million pesos (US$ 83 million) this year after updating the rates.

As reported this Wednesday by the Gas Distributors Association in a statement, these investments will improve the infrastructure of the gas network, giving priority to “the security of the network, its reliability and the quality of service.”

The companies indicated that they will be able to make these disbursements thanks to the recent rate update for gas services, with average increases for users of a 350%.

“In this way, the rate increase has its correlation in the recovery of investments, substantially decreased during the years of rate freezes”expressed the business entity.

Investments vary depending on the size, number of facilities and clients of each company.

Metrogas plans to invest 19,590 million pesos; The Naturgy group (which controls the BAN and Gasnor distributors) will disburse 18,950 million pesos, and the Camuzzi group (Gas Pampeana and Gas del Sur distributors) will make investments of 17,930 million pesos.

Meanwhile, the disbursements of the Ecogas group (Distribuidoras del Centro and Cuyana) will amount to 11,540 million pesos; while Litoral Gas will invest 4,930 million pesos and Gasnea, 1,170 million pesos.

Among the main planned works are the renovation of branches and gas pipelines, the renewal of networks and services, the maintenance of optimal levels of pipe protection, technological innovation aimed at improving customer service and the acquisition of meters for the incorporation of new users, among others.

In Argentina there are 169,274 kilometers of gas pipelines, branches and networks to supply natural gas to 1,003 locations throughout the country, where the service reaches a total of 9.1 million users.

Since the distribution service was privatized in 1992, companies in the sector have invested US$3,613 million, according to data from the Gas Distributors Association.

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