Proof of life of the Chechen leader, Ramzám Kadyrov, arrives after ‘Novaya Gazeta’ – a media critical of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin – published that Kadyrov suffers from a terminal illness, pancreatic necrosis. To demonstrate that he is in shape, he has responded by publishing videos in which he is seen in top shape and fragments of which can be seen in the video that accompanies this news.

In the images you can see the Chechen leader lifting weights, showing off his skills in martial arts or as a personal trainer. This is the way chosen to show the world that he is 100% healthy and that the news about his illness is false. Furthermore, and in search of offering an image of normality, he published a meeting on his social networks.

Although from ‘Novaya Gazeta’ they assure that This publicity machinery started when he was diagnosed with pancreatic necrosis in 2019. His public appearances with Putin, the presence of his troops in the war in Ukraine, the advancement of his teenage children in the political life of the region would also belong to this strategy: Diverting attention from his health problems .

So serious that the Kremlin would have already chosen his successor. This is Apti Alaudinov, a former Chechen general, who already has a high position in Moscow.