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Von der Leyen affirms that “Europe must be simpler, faster and cheaper”

Von der Leyen affirms that “Europe must be simpler, faster and cheaper”

The president of the European Comission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, stated this Friday that it is necessary for Europe to be “simpler, faster and cheaper” in order to remain a competitive location for companies.

In the new phase of the economy in which we are entering and with competitiveness driven by state policies, it is central to act to provide fiscal relief to companies and reduce bureaucracy, he stated in a speech during the opening of the Hannover Fair, one of the most important in the world in the industry.

One of the areas in which the European Union (EU) can act is by facilitating easier access to capital, he indicated, from the city in central Germany.

€300 billion from European investors goes abroad each year, while a more integrated capital market could provide €470 billion in additional investments annually, Von der Leyen said.

Another central axis is energy independence, said the president of the EC, who stressed that after Russia’s “brutal extortion attempts”, energy prices have returned to pre-invasion levels. Ukraine.

Investments in the liquefied gas market will finally be noticed in 2025, which will lower prices even further and will allow renewable production to be further strengthened, he asserted.

“Third, our most important capital in the Union is people. We need qualified labor,” said Von der Leyen, who pointed out the importance of training programs for women and the elderly, as well as facilitating mobility and legal migration.

On the commercial level, he warned, on the other hand, there are “clouds on the horizon” since China favors electric vehicles with “massive subsidies,” while other markets such as the United States, Mexico and Turkey adopt protectionist measures.

The EU will remain open but will be “vigilant” and, with its partners, will demand “more forcefully than before” equitable conditions, according to the president of the EC.

“If we see abuses, we will not hesitate to apply defensive measures,” warned Von der Leyen, who also highlighted the importance of expanding commercial networks with new agreements such as those being negotiated and new investment packages.

German economy in slow growth

For his part, the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, listed the milestones that Germany has achieved on its path towards an “energy supply of the future” and towards the goal of 80% renewables in energy production in 2030.

He admitted that German GDP stagnated last year and in 2024 is growing only slowly, due to factors such as the slowdown in the Chinese economy, energy prices and rising interest rates.

However, the chancellor asserted that Germany’s disadvantages compared to other locations are reducing, making it an ideal destination for companies.

As proof he cited the drop in inflation to 2.2%, the expected drop in interest rates, as well as positive indicators, including historically low unemployment, the business climate of the Ifo institute or the fact that even in the sector of the construction there is “light on the horizon.”

The Hannover Fair, in which 4,000 companies from around the world participate and which officially starts this Monday, revolves this year around technologies to achieve climate neutrality, digitalization and automation.

The guest country of this edition, Norway, will present, according to the organizers, digital technologies and sustainable solutions for the transformation industry, as well as focusing on clean energies, including renewables, hydrogen, ammonia and capture and storage processes. carbon (CCC). AND

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