A burst struck a military base that they share in the early hours of this Saturday Iraqi forces and pro-Iran militias near Baghdad. One of the members of the pro-Iranian Shiite group Popular Multitude has died and eight other people have been injured, including an Army soldier, according to authorities.

From the Iraqi government they aim for an attack from the airalthough their radars have not detected drones or fighters in the airspace, but due to the crater it has left in the ground, it could be a missile.

Israeli and American officials cited by the ‘cnn‘ they have denied involvement of their respective countries in the attack, which occurs one day after the action of Israel retaliation against Iran. Although Tel Aviv has not publicly denied responsibility for this alleged attack in Iraq, the Central Command (CENTCOM) has done so, in a statement in which it denies the launch of airstrikes in Iraq.

In the opinion of defense analyst Guillermo Pulido, “it may well have been a Israeli response attack due to the missile launches against Israel from that area or it could also be that there was simply an accident, a random explosion“.

The area where the explosion occurred is also a key assembly point for Iranian missiles, but, in Pulido’s opinion, in any case, it was an Israeli attack “It would not be related to the attack on Isfahan either.“Therefore, I think the risk of escalation is minimal here,” he points out.

Tel Aviv has also not claimed responsibility for the attack the day before against Iran, in which a radar and a missile battery defending one of the nuclear complexes in Isfahan were destroyed. Tehran, meanwhile, continues removing iron from the attackwith a video in which he literally equates it with child’s play.