The focus for the Palestinians is, continues, painfully laid over the losses left by Israeli attacks. For Gazans, despite being the focus on Iran and Israel, There is no respite since they receive attacks from the Jewish State at all hours on their homes, mosques, schools and hospitals. The dead and injured number in the dozens, boys and girls, as always, among them. Benjamin Netanyahu’s own party confirmed this Tuesday that the ground assault on Rafah will not wait long.

In the last few hours, there have not only been attacks in the mega refugee camp what is Rafah, south of the Strip, but there are also to the north, in Beit Hanun and Jabalia. The Israeli army ravages Rafah, while, supposedly, prepares an evacuation of civilians –daunting task – there are at least 800,000 people, according to the UN – in the face of a ground offensive that Benjamin Netanyahu’s party refuses to postpone.

The Israeli prime minister believes he has been validated after the Iranian “aggression.” “The response in Gaza, uncontrolled, disproportionate, it took away international sympathy and now he gives it back. This leaves Israel a free hand in Gaza, Iran has made a mistake, they have done Israel a favor,” Jorge Dezcalla, Spanish diplomat and former director of the CNI, points out in laSexta.

And, in parallel, it tries to impose unilaterally an exclusion zone along the entire border It is between the Gaza Strip and Israel. Destroying everything with tanks and bombs: 90% of the buildings near that border have already been destroyed, as well as many farmlands.

Eduardo Saldaña, from El Orden Mundial, highlights that the “Arab countries have protected Israel with the Iranian attack.” “Israel, unable to end the Hamas threat, continues to devastate Gaza“he adds. Burnt earth policy, war tactics from centuries ago, today in Gaza.