Iran has, for the first time, a direct attack against Israel. Until now, both countries had maintained a “shadow war” in which the Iranians had attacked Israeli targets. through third parties.

In this way, Iran has always had the support of armed militias in allied countries in the area, such as the Houthis in Yemen; Hezbollah both in Syria and Lebanon; or the pro-Iran militias in Iraq. However, this time Iran has decided to attack openly, although some military intelligence reports suggest that not all the drones would have left Iranian territory.

For its part, Israel, in addition to Saudi Arabia, is joined in this attack by the specific support of Jordan, which has been the first country to completely close its airspace in the face of the Iranian threat. According to some American reports, it seems that he would have let Israeli planes and fighters through to repel the drones launched by Iran.

Israel has spoken of resounding success of the coalition in which it also includes France and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the United States has already shown yesstrong support for Israelwhile other international leaders have condemned the Iranian attack.