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Russia links Moscow attack with Ukrainian attacks on border regions

Russia links Moscow attack with Ukrainian attacks on border regions

The Foreign Espionage Service (SVR) of Russia today linked the border attacks ukrainians of recent months with the attack against the Crocus City Hall concert hall, on the outskirts of Moscowwhere at least 144 people died.

“The regime of Kyiv “It has been waging a full-fledged terrorist war against our country for a long time, about which its representatives speak openly,” reported the SVR statement (according to its Russian acronym).

The note mentions the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Kirilo Budanov, and the director of the Ukrainian Security Service, Vasily Maliuk, whose surrender was officially requested by Moscow due to his alleged involvement in terrorist acts on Russian territory.

The SVR directly linked the March 22 attack to the Ukrainian artillery attacks against the Belgorod and Kursk regions.

In turn, Moscow assures that in its actions against Russian territory kyiv uses “actively” satellite information provided by US intelligence.

“It is obvious that the United States, by whitewashing the kyiv regime and providing it with aid, runs the risk of being suspected of involvement in international terrorism,” underlines.

It also denounces the Western disinformation campaign whose objective is to ensure that Russia is “under the spotlight” of the Islamic State for the war in Chechnya, support for the Syrian leader Bashar al Assad and contacts with the Taliban.

The US would be trying to promote among its allies the hypothesis of the participation of the Islamic State of the Khorasan Province (ISPK) in the Moscow attack with the ultimate objective of eliminating “any suspicion” about the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, and his entourage.

“The SVR reports that the Joe Biden Administration has intensified its efforts to create a distorted image of the March 22 terrorist attack in Russia,” points out the note.

Meanwhile, the Investigative Committee announced on Monday that it will investigate the possible involvement of the United States, Ukraine and other Western countries in the organization, financing and commission of terrorist attacks against Russia.

Russia has admitted that the attack was carried out by a group of Islamists of Tajik origin but insists on seeking a solution. “Ukrainian footprint” and claims to have evidence of financing of terrorists by kyiv, something that Zelensky categorically denied.

According to the latest official data, the attack on the Crocus City Hall concert hall, 20 kilometers from the center of Moscow, has left at least 144 dead and half a thousand injured.

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