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Yellen urges coalition to “unfreeze” Russian assets to support Ukraine

Yellen urges coalition to “unfreeze” Russian assets to support Ukraine

The US Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellenurged his allies this Tuesday to work on legal formulas to ‘unfreeze’ the value of the Russian assets that they keep blocked, in order to help finance Ukraine.

At a press conference in São Paulo, on the occasion of a ministerial meeting of the G20Yellen said that “the easiest thing” may be to confiscate Russian assets that are blocked, although she stressed that the United States and its allies must take measures together and in accordance with international law.

Yellen defended that Russian assets be used to support Ukraine’s “resistance” efforts to the Russian invasion, which has just completed two years, as well as the country’s reconstruction.

“Our coalition has mobilized $285 billion in Russian sovereign assets, and we will be firm that these assets remain frozen until Russia pays for the immense damage it has caused.”he claimed.

Likewise, he advocated continuing to impose sanctions on Russia to restrict Moscow’s access to the material means and funds necessary to continue the war against Ukraine.

“We have to make it clear that Russia cannot win the war by prolonging it,” said Yellen, who is in Brazil for a meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors.

The head of the Treasury USA He stressed that Washington is going to show that the allies are going to maintain their support for Ukraine “as long as it takes.”

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