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The US recommends travelers be alert to crime in Colombia

The US recommends travelers be alert to crime in Colombia

The United States embassy recommended its citizens keep a “low profile” during their visits to Colombia“refrain from resisting” if you are the victim of a robbery and “maintain composure” in the event of shootings, according to a bulletin released this Friday.

“Robberies carried out by armed individuals have occurred in popular restaurants, cafes and breweries in Bogotá, frequented by tourists and the expatriate community,” the US embassy reported in a statement dated Thursday.

Although the numbers of theft and homicide decreased in the first months of the year, according to the police, a series of assaults and a shooting in exclusive sectors of Bogota They set off alarm bells for the diplomatic delegation.

“In the unfortunate event of a robbery, American citizens must prioritize their personal safety, refrain from resistance, and promptly surrender all valuables without hesitation. Resistance can lead to a sharp escalation of violence,” the embassy recommended.

According to the police, so far this year there have been 12 cases of robberies at busy restaurants, most recorded on video and disseminated on networks and media.

“Keep a low profile (…) Do not show signs of wealth, such as wearing expensive jewelry or watches,” the bulletin stated.

Added to the thefts on Wednesday was the murder of a businessman in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of the city. The attack sparked an exchange of gunfire while dozens of people in different restaurants screamed and took cover under tables. The hitman escaped, but the motorcyclist who accompanied him was captured, according to authorities.

“If an American citizen is near a shooting, it is crucial to maintain composure. He is advised to lie face down on the ground and seek to hide,” the embassy added.

President Gustavo Petro assured this Friday that there is a “political campaign” to generate “anxiety” and “fear”, which does not correspond to the reduction of crimes in the capital.

“In Bogota 3 homicides are committed every day on average (…) if there is objectivity and no manipulation, it would have to be said that it is the lowest average in the history of Bogotá for more than 4 decades,” said the president on the X network.

According to the police, theft from people (-20%), shoplifting (-65%) and personal injuries (-7%) decreased in January. Extortion increased by 47%.

Source: AFP

Source: Gestion

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