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EU countries support suspending tariffs on Ukrainian products for another year

EU countries support suspending tariffs on Ukrainian products for another year

The ambassadors of the Member States to the European Union (EU) supported this Wednesday extending the suspension of tariffs on Ukrainian exports for another year, from June 6, 2024 to June 5, 2025.

The European Commissiona proposed extending the suspension of import duties and quotas on Ukrainian exports to the EU on January 31, but introduced safeguards in case one or more countries see their agricultural markets affected, following protests in five nearby countries to Ukraine (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania).

In these States, farmers have complained that the increase in agri-food imports from Kyiv due to the suspension of tariffs means competition that they cannot face.

A majority of the ambassadors of the Twenty-Seven today supported the original text proposed by the Commission, without introducing modifications, with the aim of reaching an agreement with the European Parliament, co-legislator of the EU together with the Member States.

Community sources indicated to EFE that some of the five countries close to Ukraine and affected by the increase in agricultural imports opposed extending the tariff exemption this Wednesday, but there were enough votes in favor for the text to go ahead.

The International Trade Committee of the European Parliament plans to vote on the Community Executive’s proposal on tariffs on March 7, while the plenary session hopes to rule in one of its plenary sessions in April, according to the EU Council in a statement. representing the member states.

If Parliament does not introduce amendments to the text, the Council may then adopt the extension, which will be signed by representatives of the Council and the European Parliament, and published in the official bulletin of the community club.

The original EC initiative strengthens the protection of sensitive agricultural products of the EUespecially taking into account the occasions when these Ukrainian goods remain for marketing in Member States bordering Ukraine.

The safeguards put in place ensure that rapid corrective measures can be taken in the event of significant disruptions on the EU market, or on the markets of one or more Member States.

Likewise, for the most sensitive products – poultry, eggs and sugar – an emergency brake is planned that would stabilize imports at the average import volumes of 2022 and 2023.

This means that if imports of these products exceed these volumes, they would be imposed again. duty to ensure that import volumes did not significantly exceed those of previous years.

The ambassadors also gave their approval today to extend for another year, from July 25, 2024 to July 24, 2025, the suspension of import duties and quotas on Moldova’s exports.

In this case, support for the initiative was unanimous among diplomats.

Source: Gestion

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