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Argentina: an alleged jihadist investigated in Spain for inciting attacks is arrested

Argentina: an alleged jihadist investigated in Spain for inciting attacks is arrested

A suspected jihadist investigated by the Spanish Civil Guard was arrested in Santa Fe (Argentina) in investigations that began in Spain in November 2023 when it was detected that this man translated terrorist content of the Islamic State (EI) to the Spanish and incited to commit attacks.

The operation was directed by the Spanish National Court and the information obtained by the Civil Guard was essential in providing key data related to the identity of this man settled in Argentinavery active on the virtual plane of the Internet, reported the Spanish armed force.

Fruit of ‘cyber patrolling’ to detect jihadist threats on Spainin November 2023 it was found that this man was spreading content terrorists own of the IS, some of them even translated by himself into Spanish.

It also disseminated others that made direct reference to Spain, such as videos of the perpetrators of attacks in Catalonia (northeast of Spain) in 2017, of the alleged Spanish jihadist fighter Muhammad Yasim AP, known as El Cordobés, and audiovisual references to the monumental complex of the Alhambra. of Granada (south), one of the most important of Arab origin in Spain.

After the opening of proceedings in the National Court to identify this person, data was obtained that placed him in Argentina.

For this reason, said information was immediately communicated to the Argentine security services to transfer all the necessary operational information that would allow the beginning of an investigation in that country, which culminated in his arrest.

The detainee maintained profuse online activity associated with jihadism, especially in the multiplatform environment in which he operated with multiple social media accounts.

In these accounts, it disseminated content from Al-andaluzia publications, a virtual media entity dedicated exclusively to the dissemination of IS propaganda content published in Spanish, which began its activities in 2018, merging with Muntasir media in 2020.

In addition, he incited other people to carry out violent actions of jihadist court.

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