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The Hague ruling began a new stage in the relationship between Peru and Chile

The Hague ruling began a new stage in the relationship between Peru and Chile

The president of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otarolapointed out that with the ruling of the International Court of Justice for the maritime delimitation between Peru and Chiliushered in a new stage in bilateral relations.

“As we commemorate a decade of this historic ruling, it is important to highlight how the conclusion of this dispute gave way to a new stage in bilateral relations between Peru and Chile”he said during the ceremony for the tenth anniversary of the ruling of the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

In that sense, he said that “today our countries look to the future with hope and optimism, today our common border has become an example of integration for the entire South American region with millions of people who transit, trade and develop a community of people every year. interests”.

He highlighted that both countries have achieved a “powerful economic and commercial network,” indicating that between January and November 2023, bilateral trade exchange exceeded US$3 billion.

“On the investment side, Chile is the third foreign investor in Peru, while the investments Peruvian in Chile are constantly increasing and in strategic sectors”said.

Likewise, during 2023, Chili It ranked first in the ranking of countries that send tourists to Peru, amounting to a total of more than half a million tourists.

“Likewise, our countries are part of various integration processes such as the Pacific Alliance, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and, in the medium term, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Developmentspaces where we are committed to economic growth and sustainable development,” he added.

Likewise, Otárola pointed out that, 10 years after said ruling, Peru and Chile have given an example of respect, maturity and harmony to the world by accepting and executing said decision.

“This act of responsibility and respect for the international order constitutes a clear testimony of the maturity of our countries and their commitment to move towards stronger and more solid cooperation,” he stated.

For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Javier González-Olaecheapointed out that the country has renewed its hope that bilateral ties with Chile will continue to be strengthened, within a framework of trust, friendship and legal security.

Peru and Chile offered a lesson in the power of diplomacy, their commitment to a peaceful solution of controversies and unrestricted respect for international law. We will continue, both countries, strengthening the ties of friendship and cooperation with the ambition of an even more promising future in favor of economic development, social well-being and the integration of our peoples.“, said.

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