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Davos Forum defends freedom of expression in the face of artificial intelligence challenge

Davos Forum defends freedom of expression in the face of artificial intelligence challenge

He World Economic Forum Davos has prepared a document with five principles for the media to combat disinformation, regain the trust of users and guarantee freedom of expression in the face of the challenge posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The first of the fiveprinciples for the future of responsible media in the age of AI”, and on which others rely, is the creation of quality content and reliable information.

The media, the document highlights, already have “shared principles” to guarantee high-quality content and reliable information, as well as codes of conduct that defend editorial independence and impartiality, something that should not change with the arrival of generative AI (GenAI).

Another point that the Davos Forum considers key is to improve accountability through the development and adoption of common standards, all without closing off innovation and adoption.responsible for generative AI”.

Media users also have a prominent role, and through greater transparency they will be able to “empower” and become critical and educated consumers.

Finally, the document supports promoting ethical leadership and improving the capabilities of the workforce, that is, journalists and content providers.

Citizens, the document explains, “They read, listen, watch and experience content in all formats, from newspapers and books to advertising and social media”.

These contents inform, educate, promote individual and collective narratives and contribute to the formation of values ​​and the way in which people relate; hence, the need for reliable sources to exist, “that remain the foundation of a strong, healthy, diverse and financially sustainable media ecosystem”.

The news is what provides information about the evolution of the outside world, about the most important facts and topics, and about any event that deserves attention, the report adds; and its main value is, according to the Davos Forum, “empower informed people to make the best decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies and their governments, ultimately driving positive change for the world”.

Over the last decade, there has been a 40% increase in global news coverage related to press freedom and information reliability, reflecting consumer distrust and awareness of fragmented and polarized media and in the face of a growing increase in misinformation and false and biased news.

For all this, now “It is more crucial than ever to raise awareness about the importance of press freedom, and while generative artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the industry, its adoption requires careful assessment of all risks and opportunities.”.

Source: Gestion

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