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Elon Musk advocates regulating the “inevitable” Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk advocates regulating the “inevitable” Artificial Intelligence

Businessman Elon Muskowner of companies such as Tesla or the aerospace company SpaceX, warned this Saturday from Rome that the Artificial intelligence “It seems inevitable” but he advocated regulating it with a kind of “arbitrator” so that it would be advantageous in the future.

“The Artificial intelligence It is an element that must be paid attention to. It’s like a double-edged blade. “He will be able to do practically everything but he will lack conscience,” he warned from the “Atreju” forum, organized every year in Rome by the far-right Brothers of Italy party, run by the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni.

Muskalso owner of the social network technology in the world.

”The positive part is that we will never again lack goods and services because the Artificial intelligence and robotics will be able to do everything you want,” he predicted, recognizing that one of its “risks” is that it could manipulate public opinion.

Definitely, Musk He explained that this technological intelligence will be like “the genie in the lamp” of fables, to which people can ask “anything” but they must be “attentive” to their wishes.

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