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EU extends sanctions on Moscow and prohibits the purchase and sale of Russian diamonds

EU extends sanctions on Moscow and prohibits the purchase and sale of Russian diamonds

The countries of the European Union approved this the twelfth package of sanctions against Russiawhose main measure is the prohibition on the purchase and export of diamonds Russians, one of Moscow’s main ways to finance the war in Ukraine.

The measure will come into force on January 1, when the mechanism created by the G7 countries to draw up the diamonds Russians throughout the entire global production chain and thus guarantee the effectiveness of the sanctions.

The creation of this mechanism has been fundamental for Belgium, a world leader in the gemstoneslift the veto that has maintained until now on the inclusion of diamonds in the eleven packages that the European Union had approved to date against Russia.

Specifically, the European Union will prohibit the sale, import and direct and indirect transfers of diamonds originating in Russia and to those who travel through the country.

Also to Russian diamonds that are processed in third countries, but the sanctions against this type of precious stones will begin to be applied progressively on March 1 and will be fully in force in September, as diplomatic sources explained to EFE.

With the twelfth sanctions package, the European Union expanded the list of dual-use goods and military technology that it will not be able to export to Russia because Moscow has used them in military systems that have been found on the battlefield.

And it strengthened controls on exports of companies that support the Russian military industry, some of them from China or Iran.

The Twenty-Seven once again expanded the list of Russian persons and entities that are prohibited from entering the European Union and whose property and assets they have in community territory have been frozen.

The new package includes exceptions to the import of Russian goods for personal use, such as hygiene products.

It also prohibits land entry from Russia to the European Uniona measure that they have demanded from all Eastern countries, to which Austria showed great reluctance because it also affects European citizens.

Now, the only way to enter the European Union from Russia It will be by air, stopping in a third country.

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