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The sister, the vice and the girlfriend, the women of Milei’s inner circle

The sister, the vice and the girlfriend, the women of Milei’s inner circle

He is single, without children and with very few friends he trusts. Javier Milei, who this Sunday makes his debut as president of Argentina, He has three women as his closest circle: his sister, his vice president and his girlfriend.

The boss Karina

Karina Milei, the little sister whom the new Argentine president calls El Jefe, is the most important person in his life, according to her own words.

“What would I do if today were my last day? I would be with my little children, with Conan, Murray, Milton, Robert and Lucas. “I would be with my sister, who is a wonderful human being.”he wrote in his book “Javier Milei. The path of the libertarian.

Karina Milei studied marketing and communication at the University of Belgrano, and Public Relations at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. She also studied haute pastry.

Throughout his life, he has always accompanied the president-elect, whether when he coached soccer as a child, when he sang in a rock band as a teenager, or when he grew up at his economics conferences.

“I got the prize with Kari. She is the protector. She is largely responsible for this. “I am the disseminator”Milei once told the Crónica TV channel.

Always in the background, but taking care that her long blonde hair is noticeable behind her brother, Karina Milei is recognized as an undeniable authority in La Libertad Avanza. Nothing can be done without her approval.

It is expected that in the government that inaugurates on December 10, she will serve as general secretary of the presidency.

51 years old and single, until now she lived alone with her pet Aarón. “No, I didn’t have children, and neither did Javier. “We only had dog children,” he told the newspaper Clarín in 2022.

Contrary to feminism “how it is carried”, opposes abortion, legalized in Argentina in 2020. Regarding equal marriage, he believes that “the important thing is that people are happy. As long as it does not bother others, everyone is free to be happy in their own way.”

The vice, Victoria “of iron”

Victoria Villarruel, a 48-year-old lawyer, is Milei’s political partner from the first hour. Conservative, she grew up in a military family. For years she has directed the Association of Victims of Terrorism, with which she fights society’s consensus on the dictatorship (1976-83), especially the figure of 30,000 missing people.

Nicknamed the “Iron lady”, Villarruel accompanied him in every act of his marathon political career. Together they were elected deputies in 2021, the first of their new group La Libertad Avanza, and just two years later they are preparing to assume the presidency and vice-presidency of the Nation.

“He’s more of a rocker. I am the classic and conservative girl. Great! “Everyone loves this couple!”Villarruel said in the documentary “Javier Milei, the liberal revolution.”

Juan Luis González, author of the unauthorized biography “Crazy. The unknown life of Javier Milei and his emergence into Argentine politics “describes her as an important ally, who opened the doors of international relations, especially with the leaders of the Spanish far-right party Vox.

“Villarruel has always carried himself with the intention of walking alongside Milei, not behind,” Gonzalez told AFP.

The vice president-elect is divorced and has no children.

The bride, Fátima the comedian

Fátima Florez, a stunning 42-year-old actress, has been Javier Milei’s girlfriend for a few months, whom she met on a television set.

“We are happy, we do good for each other. “We don’t live together, but we spend many hours together.”Florez described to journalist Mirtha Legrand, on whose program he met Milei. “We are boyfriend and girlfriend, for the moment”he confirmed.

Until now it is not clear if Florez will serve as first lady, or if that role would be played by Karina Milei, as La Libertad Avanza deputy Lilia Lemoine recently said.

For now, the two have declared that they will do their show in the summer season of the tourist resort of Mar del Plata, between January and February, just the first months of Milei’s presidency.

“She has built her artistic career based on a lot of work. “She must continue it because it is what she has decided for her life.”Milei stated.

His specialty is imitation. And one of the public’s favorites is the one that makes the former president and outgoing vice president Cristina Kirchner, Milei’s nemesis.

The actress was a partner of theater producer Norberto Marcos for more than 20 years, from whom she separated at the beginning of this year without having had children.

Previously, in 2018, Milei had an affair with the singer Daniela Mori.

Source: Gestion

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