The third vice president of the Government of Spain and minister for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge has defended from Dubai, at the Climate COP 28, that “we have to continue working” to counteract the effect of droughts. Ribera presented this Saturday the UN World Drought Summit that It will be held in Barcelona next year.

“The climate emergency causes droughts and at this moment our commitment to this high-level meetingten years after the first one was held, we want it to be precisely in Barcelona,” said the minister in her speech from the United Arab Emirates. For this reason, the minister assures that “it is a pleasure” for her “to be able to work with the mayor” of Barcelona in the celebration that he wants “be the most important event of the year 2024 regarding droughts”.

As for other countries, this Saturday the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, has promised that her country will contribute 3 billion dollars to the Green Climate Fund to help developing countries “invest in resilience, clean energy and nature-based solutions.”

In her speech as part of the World Climate Action Summit, which celebrates its third day this Saturday and is part of the UN climate summit in Dubai, Harris highlighted the efforts of Joe Biden’s Government in terms of climate action, when performing “the largest climate investment in history” of his country.

For his part, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has called for rapid action to limit global warming with measures. how to triple the development of renewable energies and doubling energy efficiency by 2030, as well as abandoning fossil fuels. “It is still possible that we reduce emissions in this decade to such an extent that we meet the 1.5 degree goal,” Scholz said in his speech.

“But science tells us very clearly that to do this we have to hurry very quickly, despite all the geopolitical tensions,” he added, referring to the war in Ukraine and the Middle East.