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Will EU sanctions against Russia harm Poland?  This group may be particularly harmed.  “Cuckoo’s Egg”

Will EU sanctions against Russia harm Poland? This group may be particularly harmed. “Cuckoo’s Egg”

The European Union is working on introducing the 12th package of sanctions against Russia. The project includes a proposal to impose an embargo on Russian LPG. The Polish authorities support the adoption of this solution, although it may result in serious problems for drivers and the new government.

Last week, the European Commission sent the draft of the 12th sanctions package against Russia to EU member states. As reported by the Radio Information Agency, EU officials agreed to the request submitted, among others, by Poland and included in the project a proposal to cover the import of LPG gas from . Experts emphasize that imposing an embargo on Russian gas may hit the Polish economy and lead to an increase in prices at gas stations.

Will the embargo on LPG from Russia hurt Poland? “The restrictions would be unfavorable from the drivers’ point of view”

Russia remains the largest supplier of LPG to Poland. In 2022, we purchased LPG from Russia for EUR 710 million. The remaining EU Member States then spent a total of EUR 417 million on this product. The head of Polityka Insight’s energy department, Robert Tomaszewski, commented on the possibility of imposing an embargo on Russian gas. He noted that “the question about the readiness of our market to introduce such an embargo is justified, because in fact we are the only country in the EU to be so dependent on the import of Russian LPG.”

– Restrictions would be unfavorable from the point of view of drivers refueling with autogas and would result in significant changes in national fuel flows. Drivers of LPG cars would start using gasoline to a greater extent, which would lead to an increase in demand, the need to increase gasoline imports from Germany and, consequently, to an increase in prices – said Tomaszewski, quoted by .

The EU wants to impose new sanctions on Russia. PiS may give a “cuckoo egg” to the new government

The expert also said that the issue of imposing new sanctions on Russia has a political dimension. He emphasized that the negative consequences of banning the import of Russian gas would be a problem for the new government. – Including an embargo on Russian LPG in the final shape of the 12th sanctions package against Russia would be a kind of “cuckoo’s egg” thrown into the new government by the outgoing government – he said.

The Polish Chamber of Liquefied Gas also commented on reports of new sanctions. LPG distributors emphasized that restrictions must be introduced taking into account a transitional period. They added that Poland should implement solutions related to investments in LPG gas infrastructure in our country to protect itself against price increases. They noted that “only EU sanctions will be effective to avoid gas imports from Russia via European Union countries.” They criticized the idea of ​​​​introducing unilateral sanctions in Poland, which in their opinion would be “a clear signal to Western suppliers that they can raise prices indefinitely, because Poland will be left without an alternative.”

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