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The US applauds “nearshoring” in Mexico to “not do business” with China

The US applauds “nearshoring” in Mexico to “not do business” with China

The president of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC, in English), RamiroCavazos, applauded this Thursday the decree of the Mexican government that facilitates the phenomenon of chain relocation or nearshoringfor, like this, “do not do business with China”.

This is how Cavazos explained it and opted for “strengthen” the business relationship “very strong” between the United States and Mexico through different mechanisms, the main one being the inauguration of an international office of the chamber in Mexico City.

“We are interested in keeping trade and jobs here in North America, and not doing business with China like before,” assured the president of the USHCC, arguing that “the products are better here” and, with the phenomenon of “nearshoring”both money and investments remain in the region.

In October, the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador published a decree with tax incentives of up to 89% for companies that install their production in the country for the “nearshoring”a phenomenon in which companies relocate their production from other regions to bring them closer to where their consumer markets are.

In this sense, Cavazos explained that the companies that will benefit the most from these incentives are manufacturing companies, among which technology, automotive and bioscience companies stand out.

Trade mission to Mexico to strengthen ties

Cavazos highlighted the USHCC’s willingness to strengthen commercial ties between the Latino community in the US and Mexico, something that materialized this week with a trade mission of 40 businessmen to open the Chamber’s first international office in southern Mexico. the Mexican capital.

“It’s a humble thing to start with,” recognized the president of the organization.

He explained that the delegation will make it easier for businesses to open or expand their businesses to the United States and will provide spaces to hold meetings, among other features.

With this movement, Cavazos and the USHCC intend to work to “increase quality of life” both in Mexico and in the US through the “Free trade”, in addition to transmitting to the Mexican business community “we want to strengthen the business” between these countries and, also, Canada.

With an eye on the 2024 elections

Next year is marked by the presidential elections in both Mexico and the US.

“It’s a strong year,” recognized the president of the USHCC, which is why he asked that leadership emerge from the polls that “represent” to the citizens and that “do not use division to improve yourselves.”

In fact, he demanded that the political class “be more adult in the conversation” and don’t act “like children fighting”something that, in his opinion, is happening in both countries.

“In Mexico we also need to have more control over the conversation,” he opined.

Regarding American politics, Cavazos criticized Republicans Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott, governors of Florida and Texas, respectively, for “not representing” a central position and to promote laws “that they are insulting people”, in relation to the anti-immigrant norm recently promoted by the DeSantis Executive.

In this regard, the president of the chamber denounced two main types of discrimination suffered by Hispanic businessmen in the United States: when receiving a loan to boost their businesses, since “40% of Latinos are not approved”and in the field of opportunities, especially when negotiating with the federal government or large multinationals.

Although Cavazos distanced himself from the ruling class, since in the Chamber they are not “experts in politics, but in the business world,” He issued a warning to the rulers.

“There are more than 35 million Americans who are Latino and who are ready to vote, (…) it is a population that is going to choose the direction of American politics”term.

Source: Gestion

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