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Mexico consumes 700 grams of chocolate per capita per year, according to a report

Mexico consumes 700 grams of chocolate per capita per year, according to a report

Mexicans consume 700 grams of chocolate per capita and in celebrations the intake increases up to 20%, as revealed this Monday in a statement from Por Amor al Cacao (PAC), a private sector initiative that celebrates 10 years of promoting the cocoa of Mexico.

Sales of this product increase by 18% at Christmas, while on other dates such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, consumption rises by twenty%since it is the gift option of four out of every 10 Mexicans, according to PAC.

PAC highlighted that the program has represented an investment of 17 million pesos (about US$ 980,000) in the last decade for the renewal of more than 80 hectares of highly productive cocoa and the rescue of the crop in eight municipalities in the Northern Zone of Chiapas. , among which Pichucalco, Ixtacomitán, Solosuchiapa and Ixtapangajoya stand out.

To this end, this year it implemented actions such as the delivery of more than 10,000 pest-resistant cocoa plants to producers and the reproduction of more than 9,000 highly productive plants tolerant to monjilla and black spot.

PAC also focuses its efforts on supporting the Pichucalco countryside to improve its productivity, avoid deforestation and ensure quality of life among Mexican cocoa farmers.

This as part of the international initiative “Cocoa for generations”which seeks to consolidate a modern and sustainable supply chain by 2025 based on an investment of US$ 1 billion.

Through the PAC, the statement added, agronomists collaborate with communities to rescue local crops and increase productivity through the training and professionalization of cocoa farmers, “which has helped reduce migration from the countryside to cities or other countries.”

Por Amor al Cacao emerged as an initiative of Mars, a company with seven plants in Mexico.

The company endorsed “for another decade its commitment to the Mexican countryside, in order to contribute to improving the productivity of this historic grain and the quality of life of more than 180 farmers who are part of this program in the south of the country”.

In addition, it will seek to add producers as suppliers so that part of their cocoa production becomes part of the company’s inputs for the Turín brand.

“Among Mars’ priorities is achieving a sustainable supply chain, for this reason support has been provided to the Pichucalco, Chiapas field to improve productivity and ensure quality of life in the cocoa fields.”, PAC pointed out.

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