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Donald Tusk: This is what the writers have already arranged for us. Poland is on the periphery of the European Union

The guest of the morning conversation of was the chairman of the Civic Platform. Among the topics discussed by Łukasz Kijek was also the one concerning the future of Poland in the EU. Does PiS want to lead Poland out of the European Union?

Donald Tusk in Geography has not changed, but the position of Poland has changed dramatically

– This has already been arranged by the writers. The fact that Poland is already not only on the periphery of the Union in the political sense – I am not saying geographically. The geography has not changed, but the position of Poland has changed dramatically – said Donald Tusk.

According to the leader of the Civic Platform (PO), the ruling camp is deliberately stirring up anti-European sentiments. As long as 70 or 80 percent. Poles will be said “we want to be in the European Union”, Kaczyñski will take Poland out of the EU and will say that he is not doing it. And he will do everything to ensure that fewer and fewer Poles support our membership.

The former prime minister also stated that he “knows how to expose Kaczyński’s ideas.” – When he says that Europe is turning into the fourth crowd, that Germany will federalize Europe for us, it is a very clever, gloomy procedure. Do you love the European Union? It is me who will convince you that this is no European Union, but the fourth crowd. That’s when it’s backing [dla UE – red.] will be smaller – said Donald Tusk.

Tusk in Jarosław “Mejza” Kaczyński rules in Poland

Donald Tusk referred to the controversy surrounding the deputy minister of sport Łukasz Mejza. – It is definitely difficult for Kaczyński to bear. Not that he was any particularly holy and suddenly, for ethical reasons, he could not stand the presence of Mosaic. This was the first time he was publicly blackmailed by such a poor man – said Donald Tusk in the Morning Conversation of

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