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Putin denounces the “failure” of US policy in the Middle East

Putin denounces the “failure” of US policy in the Middle East

The Russian president, Vladimir Putinassured today that the violence between Israelis and Palestinians is a clear example of the “failure” of the policy USA in the Middle East.

The ukrainian crisis continues and, unfortunately, we see a sharp worsening of the situation in middle East. I think many will agree with me that this is a clear example of the failure of the politics of USA in middle East“Putin said at the beginning of the meeting in the Kremlin with the Prime Minister of IraqMohamed Shia al Sudani.

He russian president accused Washington to try “monopolize the arrangement” and not be interested in searching for “compromises acceptable to both parties“, but, on the contrary, promote “his own vision of what had to be done, putting pressure on both sides”.

Just to both of them, sometimes to one, other times to the other; but each time without taking into account the interests of the Palestinian people. I am referring, mainly, to the need to comply with the decisions of the Security Council of the UN on the creation of a sovereign and independent Palestinian state”he added.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said on Tuesday that Russia is willing to contribute to the search for ways to find a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and stressed that it already participates in all settlement formats, which, as practice shows, have been ineffective.

However, we are willing to continue efforts and play a role in the search for ways of settlement.”, he stressed.

He added that Russia has “ancient historical ties with the Palestinians”, but at the same time it maintains relations with Israel, a country with which it unites many things in common, first of all the large number of Russians who live there.

The ambassador of Russia in IsraelAnatoly Viktorov confirmed in statements to Russian television the death of a second Russian citizen since the beginning of the outbreak of violence last Saturday, with the massive attack of the Islamist group Hamas.

He added that four Russian citizens appear on the lists of missing persons prepared by the Israeli authorities.

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