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Due to delays at the Mexico-US border, trade is hit by US$ 1.9 billion

Due to delays at the Mexico-US border, trade is hit by US$ 1.9 billion

The trade between Mexico and USA has received an impact of US$ 1.9 billion, as at least 19,000 cargo trucks were left behind due to the decision to stop the flow of units that transit the three border bridges between Ciudad Juárez, in the north of the country, and El Paso, Texas, in the United States. , revealed this Sunday the National Chamber of Cargo Transportation (Canacar).

The president of Canacar, Miguel Ángel Millán, pointed out that this Mexican productive sector adds to the concern in the north of the country due to the unilateral decision of the Government of Texas to impose reviews on Mexican trucks that cross customs on the northern border of Mexico, in the state of Chihuahua.

The Canacar leader explained that 21 days have already passed since Governor Greg Abbott’s Administration made the decision to stop the flow at the customs in Ciudad Juárez and El Paso.

“During this period, Canacar has a record of a delay of at least 19,000 trucks that have not been able to cross the border. The value of the merchandise that is stranded amounts to US$ 1,900 million, which has already generated a serious impact on trade between Mexico and the United States,” Millán emphasized.

According to Canacar, the presence of members of the Texas Department of Security at border crossings and the implementation of review operations cause lane closures, increases in crossing times of up to 24 hours and lines that have reached have a length of 23 kilometers.

The leader of the cargo transporters insisted that the union he represents maintains the demand that the Government of Texas reverse this measure that does nothing for the development of this region and puts tens of thousands of jobs at risk bilaterally.

“We consider that measures such as those promoted by the Government of Texas have a direct impact on supply chains and compromise the stability of thousands of companies on both sides of the border that generate sources of income. employment”, said.

Furthermore, the president of Canacar considered that this situation does not correspond to the spirit of development and understanding that animates the Mexico, United States and Canada Treaty (T-MEC).

He also asked the Mexican Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Economy to exhaust all diplomatic channels and spaces for dialogue to demand that the Texan Government put an end to this measure, which he described as “absurd”.

In contrast, he recognized the security authorities in this border strip in the north of the country, since they guarantee the integrity of the hundreds of truck operators who are stranded at this border point and run the risk of suffering robberies and assaults.

According to official figures, Mexico is the leading buyer of Texas exports and the main trading partner of that US entity.

In 2021 alone, the value of Texas goods trade with our country amounted to $231 billion and 400,000 jobs depended on trade with our nation.

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