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Japanese companies are interested in investing in Mexico for “nearshoring”

Japanese companies are interested in investing in Mexico for “nearshoring”

More than 20 Japanese companies are interested in investing in Mexico due to the phenomenon of relocation of production lines or “nearshoring”The Japanese Foreign Trade Organization (Jetro) revealed to EFE this Wednesday.

“Right now more than 20 Japanese companies are doing feasibility studies, but it is not known what the total number of these companies are that are going to really decide to invest in Mexico”commented the director of Jetro in Mexico, Takao Nakahata, in an interview.

The companies are dedicated to varied sectors ranging from the manufacturing of medical devices and batteries to those specializing in sustainable paper for restaurants for the specific market of California, United States.

Likewise, the director of Jetro in Mexico pointed out that the majority of companies with investment of Japanese origin plan to expand their existing operations in the country.

“Also, Japanese companies already based in Mexico, quite a few, many companies, are thinking about increasing their production lines”he added.

Nakahata explained that “production no longer fits” of some Japanese companies, so they will expand their investments and even build new factories to satisfy their high demand.

“This type of plan to increase investment or expansion plan exists”he emphasized.

Nakahata highlighted investments by companies such as air conditioning manufacturer Daikin, which recently expanded its operations in San Luis Potosí, a state in central Mexico.

Japan trusts Mexico as a strategic point

The Jetro representative in Mexico also stated that Japan is confident in the future of the manufacturing industry in Mexico as a focal point to supply North America.

“We trust in the future of manufacturing in Mexico to supply the market of North America. “Mexico is a very important place of manufacturing production, every year its production volume is increasing”considered.

Proof of this, he added, is its promotion of large industries already established in the country, such as the automotive industry, but also of new technologies and the “internet of things” for industry 4.0.

Nakahata stressed that what they are looking for is for Japanese companies in Mexico to install their factories and also provide added value to the Mexican maquila with technological, automation and service solutions.

“We want to promote the technology of Japanese companies to solve or give more added value to the Mexican manufacturing industry”held.

Data from Jetro show that in Mexico there are at least 1,300 Japanese companies, of which more than fifty% They belong to manufacturing. Meanwhile, three out of every 10 companies in Mexico with investment of Japanese origin operate in Guanajuato, a state in the center of the country.

Since 1958, Jetro settled in Mexico, going from manufacturing machinery necessary for oil extraction to being an important player in the automotive industry.

Source: Gestion

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