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Tokyo breaks its annual record for hot days above 30 degrees

Tokyo breaks its annual record for hot days above 30 degrees

Tokyo has broken its annual record of days above 30 degrees, 90 days until Thursday, reported today the Japanese meteorological authorities, who warned that another hot day could occur over the weekend and called for caution against possible heat strokes.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) reported this Friday that unusually high weather for this time was recorded throughout the archipelago the day before.

In the center of Tokyo, in the east of the country, the mercury reached 33.2 degrees Celsius on Thursday, marking the ninetieth day with a maximum daytime temperature of 30 degrees or more so far this year, a phenomenon that had not been reported. records so far.

In the city of Kofu, in Yamanashi prefecture (west of the capital), and in Kuwana, in Mie prefecture (center), temperatures exceeded 35 degrees on September 28, the latest day of the year with similar maximums to date.

In the city of Hikone, Shiga province (central), the maximum daytime temperature was 31.6 degrees, a heat similar to that usually recorded at the end of August.

The heat the day before caused 30 students from a primary school who were participating in a school sports championship to have to be taken to the hospital with symptoms of heat stroke. His condition is stable, according to the most recent data collected by the public broadcaster NHK.

At a Tokyo zoo, staff moved alpacas (vulnerable to heat) to facilities equipped with electric fans and stink bug infestations have been reported in large areas of the country, apparently linked to high temperatures and posing a serious threat. for crops, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Insects are causing significant damage, for example, to persimmon crops, which are in harvest season.

Matsumoto Jiro, a farmer of this fruit from the city of Katsuragi, in Nara prefecture (center), told NHK that around 30% of his crop has been damaged by insects.

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