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Chamber of Commerce between Peru and Brazil: How will it impact investments?

Chamber of Commerce between Peru and Brazil: How will it impact investments?

Next Wednesday, October 4, 2023, the Chamber of Commerce pre-launch event will take place between Peru and Brazil; an initiative that comes from a group of businessmen from both countries in order to help foster bridges of collaboration, promotion, business connectivity and investments, restoring trust in the business relationships.

In this regard, Rafael Torres Morales, Director of the TYTL Group, CEO of the International Business Network (RIN-Global) and President of the Organizing Committee of the First Chamber of Commerce Brazil Peru (Camabraper), specifies, among others, that the Chamber will serve as a catalyst to immediately improve commercial and business relationships.

In addition to “facilitate the exchange of goods and services as well as allowing entrepreneurs from both Brazil and Peru to explore new market opportunitiesestablishing business contacts, sharing best practices and collaborating on joint projects.”

Lilian Schiavo, president of the Organization of Business Women of Brazil (OBME) and member of the aforementioned Organizing Committee, points out that “La Camabraper will help the investors of both countries to identify opportunities, understand current regulations and standards, as well as overcome bureaucratic obstacles.

In summary, the creation of the Brazil – Peru binational Chamber represents an opportunity to increase the flow of trade and investment between both nations.

“This initiative will promote economic cooperation, eliminate barriers and facilitate dialogue, which has the potential to boost the economic and social growth of both countries, strengthening their strategic relationship, which is why this Tuesday, October 4, it is expected to gather interest and the participation of businessmeninvestors, trade associations as well as the press to learn more about the scope of this important undertaking.”he said.

The event will take place in person at the facilities of the Consulate of Peru in Brazil.

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