Former United States President Donald Trump has charged against the current president, Joe Biden, for “murdering the automobile industry,” all in front of the workers of a Detroit automobile factory, although it is not unionized. These statements are produced only a day after Biden participated in a picket of the United Auto Workers union (UAW), thus becoming the first active leader to take part in this type of demonstrations.

In that sense, Trump has assured that the president only made his visit because he had previously announced it, and that he only spoke “for a few seconds,” as reported by CBS News. Additionally, he has criticized both the president and car manufacturers for “invest in the development of electric cars” because “the damn damn machines don’t go far enough and are too expensive.”

“Biden’s mandate is not a government regulation, it is a government murder of your jobs and your industry. The auto industry is being murdered. And I don’t care what they get, I don’t care what they get in the next two or three weeks weeks or five weeks. They are going to be closing and they are going to be building those cars in China and other places,” added the former president.

Based on this, he praised the factory workers because they “built the country”, and has expressed his hope that the leaders of the UAW and other unions will end up supporting him even though they usually vote for the Democratic Party. For his part, the president of the UAW, Shawn Fain, has assured that he does not see the point in meeting with Trump because he does not believe “that he cares in the least about what workers defend” and that “he serves a billionaire class.” “.

“He says he’s with the autoworkers, but as president, Donald Trump approved tax breaks for his rich friends, while automakers closed their plantsand (the state of) Michigan lost manufacturing jobs,” Fain said.

“Joe Biden said he would defend workers, and he is delivering”added the union leader, who received the US president during a picket in which he accused the executive directors of companies in the sector of “trying to justify a system” that allows them to “keep all the profits” while workers have to “fight for leftovers.”

The automobile union has called a strike at all Ford, General Motors and Stellantis plants, thus becoming the first time in history that a strike has been called at the same time in the factories of the three main automobile companies in the United States.

Trump’s absence from the debate

The second debate of Republican candidates for the 2024 US presidential elections culminated this Wednesday with its seven participants united in their criticism of Joe Biden’s Government and in their repeated reproaches against Donald Trump, who was largely absent from the event. Even so, during the event, which was hosted by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library (Simi Valley, Caliornia), the four criminal cases facing the former conservative president (2017-2021) were not addressed.

Trump remains the great favorite to compete again with Biden, who, according to a poll by The Washington Post and ABC News published last Sunday, would currently surpass with 51% support, above the 42% given to the Democrat. This second Republican debate brought together former US Vice President Mike Pence; Florida Governor Ron DeSantis; businessman Vivek Ramaswamy; former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley; former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie; South Carolina Senator Tim Scott; and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum.

Christie alluded to Trump in the first ten minutes of the meeting, assuring that he “He hides behind the walls of his golf club so as not to answer questions“, while DeSantis said that the former chief executive is “missing in action.”