He new anti-immigration decree by Giorgia Meloni, in Italy, toughens the regulations in force in the country, worsens the conditions of reception spaces and particularly violates the rights of the little ones.

From now on, children and young people will be subjected to Checks and x-rays to check your ageand in case of doubt they will be considered minors.

Furthermore, if they lie about their age, they will be expelled from Italy immediately.

As if that were not enough, 16-year-old boys and girls may be in facilities intended for adults for a maximum of three months.

This measure, Catalina Perazzi, spokesperson for ‘Save the Children’, explains to laSexta, denies children access to the protection that states have the responsibility to offer them. “It seriously violates the rights of boys and girls recognized in the United Nations Convention,” says the expert.

The new law also contemplates the possibility, if they consider it necessary, that the reception centers house twice as many people of its capacity. This can lead to overcrowded conditions and risk of disease and even insecurity and other types of violence.

For the Italian Prime Minister, this decree “on immigration and security” will allow “accelerating the expulsions of dangerous illegal immigrants,” as detailed in a message on the social network X.

And that of the Italian far-right is a plan that completely ignores the conditions worthy of reception and that targets the most vulnerable.