Lampedusa is experiencing a critical situation due to the incessant arrival of migrants to its coasts. The island remains overwhelmed while Italy seeks to have the matter addressed in the UN General Assembly while France has already warned that it will not welcome any of the people who arrived this last week.

The truth is that, in just seven days, almost 12,000 people have arrived in Lampedusadouble that of the census population on an island of just 20 square kilometers. To give an example of how the situation is, a reception center with capacity for 400 migrants is currently hosting more than 7,000.

Neighbors are calling for urgent measures, with constant protests in the streets and docks while barges continue to reach their shores. The Italian Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajaniassures that the situation “is not explosive”, but that it has already “exploded.”

Now, only 1,100 migrants remain, with the rest already moved to other cities. Citizens warn that migrants will continue to arrive on their shores and do not believe in a Europe that promised a European action plan.