A total of 14 peopleall natives of Brazil, they have lost their lives this Saturday in a plane crash that has taken place in the interior of the Brazilian state of Amazonas, the state governor has reported.

“I deeply regret the death of the 12 passengers and two crew members who were victims of the plane crash that occurred on Saturday in Barcelos,” wrote the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Limaon his profile on the social network X, formerly known as Twitter.

Specifically, the accident occurred in the province of Barceloslocated at about 400 kilometers from Manaus, The state capital. There, government rescue teams “have been working from the beginning to provide the necessary support,” explained Lima, who has shown “solidarity and prayers with the family and friends” of the deceased.

Preliminary information released by local authorities and collected by the newspaper ‘Folha de Sao Paulo’ suggests that the group was heading from Manaus to Barcelos in a leisure trip.

It was raining heavily at the time of the accident.. There was information that two planes that had been on the flight before chose to return to Manaus because the security there did not allow them to land,” explained the Secretary of Public Security of Amazonas, Colonel Vinicius Almeida.

For its part, the Manaus Aerotaxi airline has confirmed in a statement that an accident has occurred and that it is already under investigation, although it has not offered details on the number of injuries and deaths.

“We respect the privacy of those involved at this difficult time and will be available to provide all necessary information and updates as the investigation progresses,” they said in a statement.