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Advantage in electric cars is due to innovation and not subsidies, says China

Advantage in electric cars is due to innovation and not subsidies, says China

The China Chamber of Commerce before the European Unionwhich represents some 1,000 Chinese companies operating throughout the EU, stated this Wednesday that its industrial advantage in electric cars is due to its efforts in innovation and not to state subsidies, after the announcement of the European Comission that he will investigate these aids.

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce expressed in a statement its “strong concern” and “opposition” to the announcement made by the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, during her annual speech on the State of the Union, in which she announced that Brussels will investigate Chinese subsidies for electric cars.

“Global markets are flooded with cheaper Chinese electric cars and their price is kept artificially low thanks to huge state subsidies,” argued German policy in his speech at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France).

Instead, the Chamber of Commerce emphasized that Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers, together with their industrial partners, “They have constantly pushed the boundaries of innovation.”

A “concerted effort” that “has translated into substantial industrial advantage both in the fiercely competitive Chinese domestic market and globally”said.

“It is crucial to emphasize that this advantage is not a product of what the Commission described as ‘enormous state subsidies’”he stressed.

He therefore asked the EU to address the progress of the Chinese electric vehicle industry “objectively, instead of resorting to unilateral economic and trade measures that could hinder or raise the development and operating expenses of Chinese electric vehicle products in the European market.”

Chinese companies urged the Union to ensure “a fair, impartial and non-discriminatory business environment for foreign companies”and stated that “Efforts to restrict products solely based on their country of origin would run counter to the EU’s commitments to World Trade Organization”.

A senior European official, for his part, made it clear that the European Commission is going to “analyze under what circumstances it occurs” the massive increase in Chinese exports of electric vehicles in a short period of time, which is a “normal reaction”.

On the one hand, he recognized that this progress “It also responds to a technological capacity that China has been accumulating” but, on the other hand, he argued that we must “start studying what is happening.” when the EU’s trade deficit with China is “so big”.

He also stressed that the announcement of the opening of an investigation “it does not predetermine its outcome.”

“There are procedures that must be followed, everything will be transparent following anti-subsidy legislation” community, he assured.

Source: EFE

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