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A man in China reunites with his son kidnapped in 2007 thanks to a DNA analysis

A man in China reunites with his son kidnapped in 2007 thanks to a DNA analysis

Child abduction in China has been a persistent social problem for decades. Since 2016, Chinese police have found more than 8,307 children.

A Chinese man who had been searching for his son for 14 years, kidnapped when he was a young child, managed to meet him again this week thanks to DNA analysis techniques, collect today local media.

Sun Haiyang moved heaven and earth for years to find her little boy, Sun Zhuo, kidnapped in Shenzhen state in 2007 when he was 4 years old.

The father then launched a search, offering a reward of 200,000 yuan ($ 31,404) to anyone who could provide clues as to his whereabouts.

Sun Haiyang, who ran a bread shop at the time of the kidnapping, even sold several of his properties to finance his investigations, which made him popular in the country.

Story inspired a movie

His story even inspired a movie, “Dearest”, released in 2014 and whose main theme is the kidnapping of children in China, a persistent social problem for decades.

During these years, several children appeared who fit Sun’s case, but successive DNA tests ruled out the relationship.

However, the local Shenzhen police recently informed Sun of the discovery of an 18-year-old in Shandong province (1,500 kilometers away) whose DNA matched his.

Despite the emotional reunion, the kidnapped son declared to the state channel CCTV that he will not return to the house of his biological parents, since his current adoptive parents “had been taking care of him for 10 years”.

According to data from the Chinese Police, since a campaign was launched in 2016 to reunite missing children with their parents, more than 8,307 children have been found, many of them already adults.

They identify a Brazilian as the murderer of three women in the United States. USA thanks to DNA tests

Last summer, another father, Guo Xinzhen, found her son kidnapped 23 years ago, a case reminiscent of Sun Haiyang because it also inspired a movie: “Lost and Love,” starring Hong Kong star Andy Lau.

Technologies such as DNA analysis or facial recognition have helped in recent years to solve numerous cases that had been stuck for years. (I)

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