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Hundreds of separated migrant families in the United States will be reunited

The family groups were separated under the “zero tolerance” policy of former President Donald Trump in his previous term.

More than 200 migrant families whose members were separated at the US border under today’s “zero tolerance” policy. expresidente Donald Trump, They are in the process of meeting again, according to Michelle Brané, director of the Task Force for Family Reunification created by President Joe Biden.

In a video released this Monday by the Axios platform, Brané explained the procedures for reunification.

More of 280 minors, natives of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Brazil and Venezuela have been identified for the family reunion, according to spokespersons for the Department of Homeland Security.

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The spokesperson told Axios added that the Reunification Group has so far completed the reunion of 63 families.

Between 2017 and 2018, the government of then President Donald Trump forcibly separated more than 5,000 minors from their families arrived at the border from the United States with Mexico requesting asylum.

The minors were distributed in shelters in different parts of the country and in many cases the deported parents they have not had information to locate their children.

In October the group headed by Brané reported that at the end of September 1,727 minors were separated from their families.

Another 2,171 minors have been reunited with their families thanks to the work of non-governmental organizations.

652 migrants were detained near the US-Mexico border, 355 of them are minors

Brané explained that families looking for their sons and daughters they can register via internet, where there are two sites, one in Spanish and the other in English ( and to start the process.

If applicants qualify, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) will contact the family for a free procedure and obtaining documents and travel assistance to the United States.

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Reunited families can apply for a residence permit for three years, with work authorization, and at the end of that period they will have the right to process an extension of that permit or to return to their country.

At least 920 families, in litigation spearheaded by the Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have sued the United States Government and claim compensation for emotional and psychological damages of that separation and in some cases the abuses suffered by minors. (I)

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