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Do you know how to define your immigrant profile? This is one of the first steps if you want to live in another country

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Exploring work and study options abroad requires a series of rules that must be met in order to emigrate fully and without difficulties. That is why they begin by conducting a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of this important decision.

When you finally decide to emigrate, a new phase of questions begins, generally, many times without answers, and which is reduced to this question: Where do I start?

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What are the first steps to live in another country?

The solution is summarized in seven essential actions:

Define your migrant profile

It is a deep and honest self-assessment for the inventory of strengths, professional skills and personal skills, together with the identification of the less flattering aspects you have, as reviewed by mequieroir.com.

An in-depth self-assessment will help you determine your real chances of emigrating. Photo: Dan Dalton

Check your foreign language skills

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The management of foreign languages ​​is essential to emigrate. In fact, it is one of the requirements that allow determining the profile of the immigrant. However, because it is such a decisive criterion, it is presented separately, as the second point of this guide.

The command of the foreign language is the key to the success of the immigrant. Photo: bowie15

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Determine how much money you require for the project

Nations that receive skilled immigrants require that newcomers have sufficient savings to sustain themselves during the first months of installation while they search for a job.

Depending on the nation, an amount equivalent to three or six months of stay without work is estimated. These amounts are not delivered to the receiving governments, they are savings for the immigrant, which are verified through bank accounts.

Knowing how much money you have is important when emigrating. Photo: pinstock

Select the appropriate destination for your profile

If you have evaluated your personal profile with the utmost care, the decision is made easier. As established, age, occupation, foreign language proficiency, work experience, and family connections abroad are considered the keys to determining the host country.

In addition, different aspects must be weighed, such as distance, which acquires singular relevance when family circumstances force the immigrant to maintain frequent communication with the relatives who remained in the place of origin.

Choosing the destination nation is a crucial step in any emigration project. Photo: Viktoriia Hnatiuk

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Find the most convenient immigration program

Immigration programs and types of visas abound. Each country manages different visas, including territorial options, determined by the economic needs of areas with low population density, although with a thriving economy eager to receive contingents of foreign workers.

Getting the immigration program right is a decisive step. Photo: FatCamera

Seek professional help, if you need it

On countless occasions, when the future immigrant is clear about the goal, including the country of destination, they understand that professional assistance is convenient to begin immigration management without delay. For feeling safer.

Hiring professional immigration advice will always be a good idea. Photo: FangXiaNuo

Prepare basic documentation

This stage includes the translation, registration and legalization of the main documents so that they have international validity.

These are the new instructions to apply to a foreign relative for the United States green card

The procedures must be carried out with sufficient time, to avoid delays that delay the process in its entirety. You must keep a backup of each document and avoid sending originals, unless the immigration authority or the consultant so requires.

Prepare all documents in advance. Photo: Nicky Lloyd

A complete guide to everything to gather and organize can be found in Basic documentation to migrate.


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