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“She needed accommodation and I had a bed available”: two young people who did not know each other will live together in Qatar to enjoy the 2022 World Cup

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With the intention of making their trips to Qatar cheaper and getting cheaper accommodation, Lucía and Mathías met through a group called “Barwa Argento” to find a room inside the apartment complex where thousands of Argentines during the World Cup.

“We met through Instagram, through the publications of that group. All those who did not have accommodation were signing up on a list. That’s how it all came about. Mathi spoke to me, she told me that she had accommodation on that exact date and we agreed”.

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The 27-year-old, born in the Buenos Aires town of Temperley, explained that before they met they chatted “two or three times on Instagram and WhatsApp”, as reported by TN.

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“Let’s see if this coexistence works. The bathroom flooded, but it seems to be working.” Photo: Johnny Greig

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“She posted that she was looking for a room, I had a bed available. She said that if she was a better woman. ‘I’m not a woman, but if it suits you I have a free place,’ I told him. We hit the waves and here we are, ”added Mathías.

“On top of that, when I arrived, they lost my passport. They left it for me at check-in, they gave it to the next Argentine and I ran because if I took more than five minutes I would lose the World Cup. I was very lucky, ”said the 26-year-old, who currently lives in Miami, but she was born in Córdoba Capital.

Two strangers will live together in Qatar to enjoy the 2022 World Cup

Although they have not yet established a code of coexistence, they reported that the first night he snored and she flooded the bathroom after taking a shower.

“Let’s see if this coexistence works. The bathroom was flooded, but it seems to be working,” Mathías said. Lucía, for her part, explained: “There is no code. The best among us, so it’s going to be all right. We will make groups and get to know each other so we can go to the games, to the desert or to a party”.

Both remarked that they are not in a relationship and that they did not start to think about the possibility that something could happen between them. Although they will live together as such until November 29, and will share all the plans together, they determined from the start that nothing will happen that exceeds the limits of friendship.

Lucía will remain in Doha until that day, while Mathías will continue in the Arab country until December 20, the date on which he has a return ticket to Argentina.

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“If the other person attracts you, it is logical that this can happen. But we don’t like each other at all,” Mathías said. Photo: Aleksandar Nakic

“We are both used to traveling, to sleeping in a hotel, and it is common for something like this to happen,” she said. He added: “I got used to the same thing. You are hitting the vibes, you are left with the contact to go to other places, but unless the other person attracts you, it is not something that one goes to look for ”.

“It can happen, yes, but it’s not our case,” Lucía replied decisively. Mathías completed: “If the other person attracts you, it is logical that this can happen. But we don’t like each other at all.”


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