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Beyond the many restrictions for tourists, what is life like for women in Qatar?

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Even relaxing its rules, Qatar continues to impose various restrictions on women tourists such as modest dress codes and unique security protocols for them to enter the 2022 World Cup stadiums.

Since the announcement that Qatar would host the 2022 World Cup, the Arab country has worked to modernize some of its cultural beliefs in the expectation of receiving thousands of foreigners, especially women.

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What does the “One Love” bracelet mean and why is it forbidden to wear it in Qatar 2022?

This reason allowed marking the “empowerment of women” as an objective of the national strategic plan for the years 2011-2016, although this point was removed from the 2018-2022 plan.

On the other hand, in 2012, Qatar sent female athletes to the Olympics for the first time, which may be a sign of current emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani’s attempts to protect human rights in his country.

Two women walk through the “La Perla” area, one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Doha on November 23. Photo: Juan Ignacio Roncoroni
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Qatar was thought to allow exceptions at World Cup time, from drinking alcohol to gay demonstrations, but the Qatari royal family imposed restrictions.

How is life for women in Qatar?

According to CNN, in the countries of the Persian Gulf it is common to discriminate against women, so much so that there are laws and social practices that violate their rights.

  • In the country with a predominantly Muslim culture, women must have a male guardian to make relevant decisions regardless of their age or status. Whether you want to get married, travel or study abroad, Qataris need permission from a responsible father, uncle, brother or husband first.
Women in Qatar must have a man who is their legal guardian. Photo: Istockphoto
  • Sexual relations with their partner are practically mandatory, unless there are compelling reasons for women to refuse.
  • Divorce is almost an impossible goal for them, and if they achieve it, obtaining guardianship of their children is also difficult.
  • They do not receive inheritances equally, compared to men.
  • In case of having a foreign partner, they must apply for nationality for their children.
  • Qatar has no protection laws for victims of domestic violence, so women who have been abused by their husbands may be forced to return home.
In their homes, Qataris can be victims of physical, psychological and sexual abuse. Photo: Istockphoto

She is the television reporter who was robbed live at the World Cup in Qatar and took money and documents from her bag


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