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Traveler from Peru is second contagion by omicron in Japan

The Government of Japan confirmed today the detection of the second case of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, in a traveler from Peru, and on the same day that the country announced additional border restrictions to try to stop the entry of the pathogen.

After identifying the new variant in a traveler from Namibia and who arrived in Japan on the 28th, the Japanese authorities have detected the virus in another passenger who arrived on the 27th from Peru, as said this Wednesday at a press conference by the spokesman for the Executive, Hirozaku Matsuno.

The patient is isolated in a medical facility and had not had any contact with the other infected by omicron to date detected in JapanAccording to the Japanese authorities, who are analyzing the contacts of both in search of other possible infections.

The new contagion is announced on the same day that the Japanese Executive has intensified its border control measures with the prohibition of entry into the country to all foreigners, residents in Japan included, who travel to Japanese territory from a dozen countries Africans.

The Japanese authorities have also designated another group of 27 countries, including Spain, where there have been infections of the new variant, on which special quarantine measures will be applied for whose passengers can fly to Japan (At the moment only foreigners residing in the Asian country and Japanese citizens).

In addition, the Government has asked all airlines operating in the country to stop offering new reservations for flights arriving in Japan until the end of December, coinciding with the dates of Christmas and New Year, which will affect both foreign passengers and Japanese.

The new restrictions of Japan They come to the day after the World Health Organization (WHO) criticized the border closures directed at certain countries, considering that they are discriminatory and ineffective measures to contain the expansion of the new variant.

Asked by the media about the position of the WHO, the Japanese spokesman defended the measures taken by Japan, stating that they are actions “urgent, preventive and temporary” in view of “a new variant about which nothing is known“, And said wait”the understanding of the international community ”.


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