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Is it possible that Lula da Silva obtains the Presidency of Brazil in the first round?

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He has already governed the country twice (from 2003 to 2010) and it seems that he will win a third, that is the panorama that is envisioned for Luis Inacio Lula da Silva that leads the intention to vote in Brazil a few hours before the first round elections are held.

This Sunday, October 2, more than 156 million people are called to vote in the presidential elections that will have eleven candidates on the ballot, four of them women.

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Lula da Silva and Jair Bolsonaro, in the final stretch of the campaign for the presidency of Brazil

Da Silva is the most likely to win over current president Jair Bolsonaro, who is second in the polls. With more than 14 percentage points of advantage, the co-founder of the Workers’ Party has 48% of the intentions of the vote, which could lead to a second round not being necessary on October 30 between the two most voted candidates.

File photo of a woman who goes to vote in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
Photo: Marcelo Sayão Marcelo Sayão

According to Brazilian legislation, if one of the candidates exceeds the threshold of 50% of the valid votes, removing the null and blank ones, the winner will be proclaimed, otherwise, a ballot will be necessary.

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Despite the fact that he was imprisoned for corruption, he continues to be an icon of the left in his country in the face of the wear and tear of the extreme right in handling the pandemic and the repeated blunders of Bolsonaro.

“I want to prove that a metallurgist (…) is going to fix this country, and the people are going to eat three times a day again,” he said at a rally a few days ago.

Former Brazilian presidential candidates ask for support for Lula da Silva in the first round

The success of its first governments was also due to the solidity of the Brazilian economy, however, today it is far from prosperous, although with signs of improvement.

Lula da Silva had been sentenced to nine and a half years in prison in 2017 for obtaining an apartment from a construction company in exchange for public contracts. He alone served 19 months in prison and in March 2021 he regained his political rights by annulling the sentence.

In the event of a victory, it would seem that this would be da Silva’s last steps in politics, according to consultant Leonardo Paz. “He didn’t give much room for young politicians on the left to grow up… Everybody knows that an 81-year-old citizen can’t want re-election,” he told AFP.

What happened in the last presidential debate?

The corruption scandals during the government of Lula da Silva were the tone that marked the last debate on television that the candidates for the Presidency of Brazil had.

There, the former president was the most attacked as he was the one who led the voting intention with the aim of reducing that gap and forcing a second round.

Seven presidential candidates participated in the television debate in Brazil. Photo: AFP

“What is at stake in the elections is the future of the Nation. Brazil was a kleptocracy. Lula was the head of a large criminal organization. We cannot continue in the country of theft,” said the current president, Bolsonaro.

Not only this, he also described him as an ex-convict due to his judicial past and recalled a 2002 crime in which he accused Lula da Silva as the intellectual mentor.

Jair Bolsonaro says he will retire from politics if he loses the presidential election

“Several of your accomplices were imprisoned and said that you were the head of the largest corruption network in world history. You should not be here as a candidate. You are cynical, you lie and you are an actor, ”said candidate Kelmon Luis da Silva, adding that he supports Daniel Ortega’s regime and his persecution of the Catholic Church.

Criticism for Bolsonaro was not far behind either and he was the target when his management was mentioned in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic that left almost 700,000 dead in Brazil.

“We have to talk about a real Brazil, which still cries for the death of its children, who died prematurely due to the incompetence of a government that did not distribute the vaccine at the right time,” said candidate and current senator Simone Tebet.

Da Silva also countered the current president and pointed out that “on October 2, the people are going to send you home” and accused the current government of irregularities in the purchase of antigens against COVID-19. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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