Scenes of authentic terror experienced by the passengers of a cruise ship docked in Florida. Before sailing from Port Canaveral to the Caribbean, a sudden storm It caught everyone on the boat by surprise.

As we can see in the video that accompanies these lines, those who went inside recorded everything that happened there, with hammocks flying and colliding with a baby carriage or people ‘flying’ pushed by the force of the wind.

The passengers who were on board say that when they saw the chairs flying through the air, they could only think of “a scene from the film “Twister”, as Jennifer Stancil tells. Another testimony is that of Lucas Sparrow, who was traveling with his family: “People became crazythey lost their hats, towels…”.

The hammocks and umbrellas became authentic projectiles and several people were injured. The cruise company assures that it was a storm that caught them by surprise.