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She kept her husband’s body for 18 months because she refused to believe he had died: it was kept inside an air-conditioned room and cleaned with disinfectant

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A woman kept her husband’s body in a room for 18 months, arguing that he had not died, but was in a coma, after contracting Covid-19 in April 2021.

The authorities found the body in the home of the woman identified as Mithali, in Uttar Pradesh, India, after his work reported him for job abandonment, since he had not attended his job as a tax official since last year, according to detailed El Heraldo de México.

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Kept her husband’s body for 18 months

The woman, who refused to accept the death of her husband from bilateral pneumonia caused by the coronavirus on April 22, 2021, mummified the body of 35-year-old Vimlesh Kumar.

It was she herself who declared to the authorities that she kept the body because she refused to believe that her spouse had died.

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Mithali insisted that Kumar was only in a coma, although his corpse had a chilling appearance.

To preserve her husband’s lifeless body, the woman used Dettol, a popular disinfectant and antiseptic cleaning product, which prevented bacteria from growing on the skin and kept him in a 24-hour air-conditioned room for 18 months. .

The widow also confessed that she regularly massaged her late husband’s body and sprinkled holy water known as “gangaja” on his body to wake him up from a “coma”.

Due to the “care” that the woman gave to her husband’s body, a decomposing odor never originated from the room, although the corpse was in notable mummification.

In addition, it transpired that other members of the family, including the parents and siblings of the deceased, participated in the attempt to preserve the body, arguing the same as Mithali.

Kumar’s mummified body was removed from the house last week by Indian science officials, before being cremated on Friday 23 September.

Furthermore, the widow and other family members will not face criminal charges for holding Vimlesh Kumar’s body. (YO)

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Source: Eluniverso

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