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“They were eating each other”: Residents of a neighborhood in Argentina rescue 15 dogs locked up and starving in a house

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A Facebook user, horrified by a video recorded by a neighbor, had the wisdom to publish the situation of 15 dogs that were locked in a house and were attacking each other due to lack of food and water.

The publication went viral on social networks due to the urgency of the call. “Help needed, these dogs are eating each other. The police were called and they did not come”, wrote Evita Godoy next to the address of a house in Villa Lugano, in the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

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The house was the home of Matías De Vito, a “violent man addicted to drugs who mistreated animals and people,” Silvia, a neighbor, told TN and explained that they arrested him and from that moment the animals were left in a state of absolute abandon.

“On Tuesday night (September 20) the dogs killed one to eat him, that’s why they are quiet now,” Silvia said, through tears. It was precisely she who heard the dogs’ cries of pain and recorded the painful images with her cell phone camera.

Given the dozen complaints from people who were horrified by the publication on Facebook, members of the Environmental Crimes Division of Buenos Aires appeared. However, they could not rescue them because they needed a search warrant from the prosecutor in charge.

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The happy ending of the 15 dogs locked up and starving

Days passed and the neighbors, while waiting for the action of justice, fed them through a window. Until the case reached the ears of Fernando Pieroni, an influencer and activist who works for animal rights.

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“We found out about the situation and went to try to rescue the dogs, with the consent of the sister of the owner of the house we were able to enter. What we found inside was a scene from a horror movie, mountains of garbage, malnourished dogs, eating the corpses of other dogs, of the 15 we were able to rescue only nine, ”she posted on her Instagram account.

Once the dogs were rescued, the neighbors began to adopt them and all the dogs found a home. Evita Godoy published the entire process on her Facebook account and happily commented: “Today we had a happy ending, all the puppies were rescued, some adopted and others are in transit. Thank you all for sharing!


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